Top 53 Experts on Learning to Swim


Whether learning to swim at just a few weeks old or waiting until later adulthood to take the plunge, it is not so difficult to learn to swim as it used to be. This is because there are now structured programmes to help water-borne learners take their first swim strokes in the water.  For all swimming equipment or swimming related items, but sure to check out the swimming category.  You might also want to check out tree climbing equipment.

The Swim Smooth training programme has been adopted in much of the UK and abroad. Trainers must go through an intensive training programme to qualify as Swim Smooth coaches.

The certified coaches agree to follow a standardised method of swim coaching which helps students who wish to continue their learning when they relocate for a job or even migrate to another continent.

The Swim Smooth programme may also include a swim stroke analysis with video playback (above and below the waterline) to help determine where the problems are with a swimming technique.

Within the UK, there is the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) which approves swimming coaches are various levels. There is also the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) which is involved more with open water swimming and also certifying lifeguards.

It is not uncommon to see swimming schools with instructors who hold both the ASA and STA certifications. The Level 2 ASA certification is a good qualification to look out for.

When the swimming lessons involve working with children, there are also DBS (previously called CRB) checks which confirm that the swim coach does not have a criminal record that would make them unsuitable to be working with children. Usually with swim classes involving children, the swim school will make a point of noting that their instructors are all DBS/CRB checked.

Here is our round-up of the Top 50 experts in swimming in the UK and abroad.

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  1. 1. Julian Nagi
  2. 2. Fiona Ford
  3. 3. Gavin Prior
  4. 4. Annie Oberlin-Harris
  5. 5. Steve Bailey
  6. 6. Morgan Williams
  7. 7. Emma Brunning
  8. 8. Sally Scaffidi
  9. 9. Alan Cardwell
  10. 10. Sinead McBreen
  11. 11. Michael Phelps
  12. 12. Craig Gibbons
  13. 13. Zara
  14. 14. Kate Mason
  15. 15. Len Hatcher
  16. 16. Mrs Shirley Grayson
  17. 17. Gabby Dickinson
  18. 18. Sarah Kentish
  19. 19. Zee
  20. 20. Stephanie Dutton
  21. 21. Mrs. Veronica Kelly
  22. 22. Carol Saunders
  23. 23. Colin Bull
  24. 24. Gayle Vickers
  25. 25. Alison Sheppard
  26. 26. Richard Munt
  27. 27. Sandra Wimming
  28. 28. David Lowe
  29. 29. Nikki Fogarty
  30. 30. Tracy Ward
  31. 31. Kelly
  32. 32. Kathy Ford
  33. 33. Jonathan Rolfe
  34. 34. Sean Collins
  35. 35. Neil Thomson
  36. 36. Kristin Maguire
  37. 37. Trish Hare
  38. 38. Sue Summers
  39. 39. Amelia Hooley
  40. 40. Andrew
  41. 41. Lisa Bousted
  42. 42. Pam Lester
  43. 43. Chris Cook
  44. 44. Sharon and Paul Huby
  45. 45. Fenella Ng
  46. 46. Martin Hill
  47. 47. Russell Smith
  48. 48. Lance Ogren
  49. 49. Tracey Baumann
  50. 50. Jo Evans
  51. 51. Gabriela Minarikova
  52. 52. Nye Levett
  53. 53. Dr. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS

1. Julian Nagi

Julian Nagi is a UK ASA qualified and Swim Smooth certified swimming coach with a decade of experience.

He has previously been a triathlete and has trained competitors in this sport.

A previous Ironman athlete himself, he has been an official British Gas swim coach during 2014-2015. Julian is also qualified in core conditioning and fitness. Previous clients have performed well in Europe and World championship competitions with his help.

Julian Nagi

2. Fiona Ford

Fiona Ford is a Level 3 British Triathlon Federation Coach and Swim Smooth certified coach based with the Swim Coach Squad at Richmond Pools on the Par. Fiona has access to video analysis equipment to record a swimmer.

This helps to confirm their stroke actions and suggest corrections to improve swimming performance. She trains athletes both for open water swimming events and triathletes.

One correction commonly needed with open water swimming is over-gliding which is inefficient and Fiona is excellent at spotting and correcting this poor technique.

Fiona Ford

3. Gavin Prior

Gavin Prior is currently a Level 3 British Triathlon coach, a role he has held since 2012. He is also a Kaizen coach, an elite level of coaching, which he achieved in 2014.

Gavin has competed a Half Ironman and Olympic competitions. His training is focused around the mind, the knowledge, and the skills required, not only on pure speed and endurance.

Gavin can offer guidance with swimming, biking and running techniques, season race plans, improving mental strength, good nutrition, and conditioning for performance.

He offers training courses on stroke technique, biking and running, and works with swim squads.

Gavin Prior

4. Annie Oberlin-Harris

Annie Oberlin-Harris has been an athlete herself having competed in the Ironman Nice in 2013 and Ironman Zurich in 2015, the Ultimate Iron Distance in 2014, and the Helvellyn Triathlan this year.

Annie is now more focused on running on trails for long distances. She is a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach, a Level 2 ASA Swim coach / teacher, and previously worked with Swim Smooth in Australia.

She helped improve open water swim training in the UK and has been writing content for the Swim Smooth mobile app too. She offers training lessons to keen swimmers.

Coach Annie

5. Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey is a UK Level 2 BTF coach who also has the STA Level 2 and a Swim Smooth certification too.

He operates in the Salisbury, Wiltshire area with Swim Smooth squad sessions held at the Ringwood Health and Leisure Centre every Thursday evening.

There are also other swimming sessions held for one-on-one stroke analysis sessions.


6. Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams is a highly experienced UK triathlon and open water swimming coach who has been involved with coaching for over a decade.

He has worked in conjunction with the governing bodies to pioneer these sports. He is a Swim Smooth certified coach and a recent graduate of the Level 3 Kaizen high performance coaching.

He is based in Yorkshire, but has also coached in Perth, Lanzarote, Spain, and the French Alps. Morgan’s coaching includes one-on-one swim sessions, group sessions, advanced swim stroke analysis, and an athlete monitoring programme.

Morgan Williams

7. Emma Brunning

Emma Brunning is a UK Swim Smooth coach who runs Active Blu as a training company for swimmers, open water swimmers, and triathletes.

The focus with the swimmer training is firmly on improving techniques and fitness level to add speed over time.The training is also goal-oriented and specific to each client.

The open water training takes place in the picturesque Lake District National Park right on the shoes of Lake Windermere with inspiring views in all directions.


8. Sally Scaffidi

Sally Scaffidi is a Swim Smooth certified coach based in Australia with a BEd in Physical and Health Education Secondary Education. She has been active teaching secondary students about swimming for a decade whilst also competing herself.

Sally has competed in triathlons of several lengths, paddling and open water swimming, and adventure racing events. She has been a Swim Smooth coach since 2010 and is also qualified as a Level 1 Triathlon coach.

Sally provides beginner and intermediate squad swim training to adults, beginning swim training for adults, and can also use video to provide stroke correction advice.


9. Alan Cardwell

Alan Cardwell works with c3Triathlon and is said to be the only Swim Smooth coach operating in Scotland.

Alan offers a 90 minute one-on-one video analysis stroke session to review swim techniques for different strokes and see how to correct mistakes. According to Alan, it is common to see a 5-20 second improvement in swim times on a 100 metre swim following the analysis.

The analysis is also followed up with a 6 week structured program so that the outcome becomes a permanent fix.


10. Sinead McBreen

Sinead McBreen performs WIM Smooth Squad training sessions in the Westwood 50m pool over in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland. Swim training can be performed individually or with a squad training session.

Typically training is booked in multi-week blocks as a package. Training is designed to build endurance to make competing in an Ironman or Olympic competition a real possibility.

There are also open water / swim clinic training sessions that are sometimes operated based on demand which include video stroke analysis, drill sets, and a recording of the stroke analysis on DVD.


11. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps won eight gold medals for the United States Swim team at the Beijing Olympics. He created the Michael Phelps Foundation in 2008 using the one million dollar bonus he received for the record-breaking medal haul.

The initial effort from the foundation involved a “Dream, Plan, Reach” message to the Boys & Girls of America in eight cities.

This has since been expanded to include the Boys & Girls Club members and Special Olympians around the world.

The programme focuses on promoting personal growth, fitness and health goals via planning and effective goal setting.

There is also the Level Field Fund which provides sponsorship to swimmers seen to have a special talent.


12. Craig Gibbons

Craig Gibbons has previously competed in swimming for Team GB in the London Olympics 2012. From his experience as a swimmer for 13 years, he has learned that first and foremost a positive, happy swimmer is going to be a faster one in the water.

His focus is often with younger swimmers to make the swimming experience fun which can later lead to improved focus and determination, and then better swimming times. Craig previously was a swim reporter at the World Championships in Doha 2014.

He now offers individual butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and a starts/turns clinics for the Swim Vision Academy.

Craig Gibbons

13. Zara

Zara is the director at SplashSwim which has been teaching swimming lessons in Exeter and Devon since July 1999. Over 4,000 people can now swim because of SplashSwim and their DBS-verified instructors.

Zara has a BA (Hons) in Sports Development, a PGCE (PE teacher), is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, and has completed several other courses around teaching babies and infants how to swim safely.

She is also able to teach the deaf how to swim having completed a special course for this specifically. Zara previously won a team gold medal at the National Biathlon in 1986.


14. Kate Mason

If it is possible to be over-qualified, then Kate Mason may be just that. She is a ASA swim coach and teacher who has also more recently studied the Swim Smooth training techniques too.

Kate has swam the English channel (22 miles), Lake Zurich five times (26km), the Volcano triathlon in Lanzarote 2013, and several Ironman competitions in Austria, Majorca and Switzerland to name just a few.

She also provides fitness training courses for people looking to get in better shape. Kate provides swim training in a swimming pool and in open water too. She is based in Portland in Dorset.

kate mason

15. Len Hatcher

Len Hatcher has been a teacher in Cornwall from 1985 to the present time. He is a Diploma Member of the Swimming Teachers Association, a Snorkelling instructor, a NOWCA open water coach, and has also worked with the British Sub Aqua Club.

He was previously a competition swimmer. Len follows the BSAC and STA syllabi for teaching school children how to swim and improve their swimming technique and speed. He runs a swimming school at the Truro Prep School and Truro School in Cornwall.

len hatchers

16. Mrs Shirley Grayson

Mrs Shirley Grayson has been the president of the Nottinghamshire ASA from 2013-2014.

There are many swimming trainers associated with the Nottinghamshire ASA who have been involved in training several Olympic Gold and Silver medallists in 2012, and Paralympic Gold and Silver medallists too.

mrs shirley grayson

17. Gabby Dickinson

Gabby Dickinson is a qualified ASA Level 2 swimming teacher and a STA-NOWCA Level 2 coach for open water swimming.

She has also previously qualified with a PADI Rescue Diver Certification in 2002, been a snorkel instructor, a beach life guard, and even a power boat handler.

She has also been a chef on yachts during her early working life. Gabby’s working life has been nothing if not eclectic! Gabby uses this wide range of mostly water-based skills in her hourly teaching to swimming students.


18. Sarah Kentish

Sarah Kentish is an ASA licensed swimming instructor. She has been successful in teaching young and older people who are new to the water how to get over their fear of swimming and learn to feel more confident.

She holds beginners, improvers and advanced swimming lessons at either the Imperial Hotel or the Chatsworth House Hotel. These hotels are situated in Llandudno, Conwy in northern Wales near the stunning Snowdonia mountain range. Lessons can be for a single day or intensive week-long courses with the student living at the hotel for the period of swim training to avoid frequent travel back and forth.

Swim courses can be one-on-one or in groups of up to four people.


19. Zee

Zee is an ASA Level 2 qualified swimming instructor who has been teaching swimming for a number of years and was previously involved in fitness training since 2006.

She has a speciality of working with children and has 11 years’ experience of successfully teaching children in swimming and fitness.

she has had more success than most at gaining the attention and trust of young children who have previously struggled to focus with other instructors when learning to swim. Zee works often one-on-one with either children or reluctant adult swimmers.

ezee swim

20. Stephanie Dutton

Stephanie Dutton is involved with Aquatic Therapy & Specialised Swimming Lessons based in the Tring and Milton Keynes area, just north of London.

She runs the Mind/Body Awareness Programme which places a focus on feeling calm with the body to help accept the change when moving to the water for the first time.

She has a specialty in difficult cases where the child or adult wants to learn how to swim but their fear is preventing them from taking the plunge. For anyone who has had this fear, Stephanie could well be the solution.


21. Mrs. Veronica Kelly

Mrs. Veronica Kelly is a quality ASA swimming teacher and a member of the Institute of Swimming. She is also a swimming therapy teacher. Previously Veronica worked in physical education.

She teaches swim classes in the delightful New Quay, Llangrannog and Cardigan, just cross from Cardigan Bay in Wales. Typically, students will book accommodation at the venue and stay a number of days while they either learn to swim or improve their current swimming ability.


22. Carol Saunders

Carol Saunders is the lead at the Carol Saunders Swim School which uses the teaching plan from the ASA and STA International Learn to Swim Programme to help teach improved swimming lessons.

There is a focus on toddler and young children learning to swim at the swim school. There are ten award levels which include validated standards for swim stroke efficiency and demonstrates improvement over time. The swim school has more than five teachers who are well qualified to teach students how to swim or improve their capabilities in the water to build confidence.

The school was established in 1987 with early lessons held at the Sherburn High School in Leeds, but the organisation has now gone national. The school has recently received a Bronze Accreditation with the STAMark accreditation programme. Swim teachers also undergo
DBS checks.


23. Colin Bull

Colin Bill has been a swimmer most of his life having swam for the county. He runs a swimming teaching business with several other team members who are all ASA or STA qualified (or both).

The swim coaches all have rescue qualifications which are kept current to ensure that anyone getting into trouble in the water can be rescued successfully.

Swimming classes are held for both children and adults in separate lessons. When teaching children, Colin suggests that one or both of the parents are present to encourage the child when they feel fear or get discouraged. Lessons take place at either the Epsom College Pools or the Downsend School.


24. Gayle Vickers

Gayley Vickers has been involved with sport since attending the University of Warwick. She taught in primary and secondary school for 5 years

Trained as a personal trainer in 2002, she holds a YMCA level 3 Personal Training Certificate. She is qualified in antenatal and postnatal exercising, Crossfit Level 1, circuit training, kick aerobics, nutrition, and body conditioning.

She is also qualified in ASA and Austswim (from Australia). Swimming lessons are taught in the Surrey area either by herself or another suitable qualified trainer with either ASA or STA certification. All the trainers are fully insured. Swimming lessons are either one-on-one or in small groups for children or adults.


25. Alison Sheppard

Alison Sheppard MBE is a former Olympic athlete who swam in five Olympic Games over the years. She has since qualified as a personal trainer and manages both the Sheppard Swim School and the Phoenix Aquatics Swim Team.

Joining Alison is Gary Vandermeulen as co-owner of the Sheppard Swim School. He is a former Olympian and coach in swimming also having competed in the 1988 Olympics for Canada.

More than 22 instructors are involved in teaching the various swimming programmes that Alison and her colleague agree with. Training includes learning to swim, pre-school lessons, adult lessons, triathlete training, and competitive swimming lessons.


26. Richard Munt

Richard Munt is an ASA Level 2 swimming teacher who conducts both one-on-one and group swimming lessons in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Swimming lessons are suitable for young children, young adults, people with disabilities, men and women over 55, competitive swimmers, and triatheletes.


27. Sandra Wimming

Sandra Wimming is a Glasgow-based STA qualified swimming coach.

She aims to provide adult swimming lessons that can help students get past the fear of the water, learn and then improve swimming strokes, and enjoy the experience of swimming.

Beyond adult swimming lessons, other available lessons include STA first aid courses and STA lifeguard courses.


28. David Lowe

David Lowe is an Olympian who swam for Britain in two Olympics and medalled in Moscow (1980) in the men’s 4x100m medley relay.

Swimming lessons are available in the Cambridge area for children, older children, and adults.

Swim coaching is available for competitive swimmers and triathletes both on an individual basis and for club squads. Personal training can include the psychology behind the race, how to train best, proper breathing, and stroke instruction.


29. Nikki Fogarty

Nikki Fogarty is a former county swimmer who has also competed internationally in synchronised swimming. For the last 13 years who has been teaching swimming to students as an ASA level 2 swimming coach.

She has a NPLQ lifeguard qualification, a child protection certification, an enhanced CRB, and has also been taught how to train babies, adults and those with disabilities how to swim. On the fun side, she also has qualifications in mini polo, sea scooters, and flip n’ fun!

She holds a swimming crash course instruction of 30 minutes once a day over 5 days and also teaches regular swim classes mostly to small children. She has a growing teaching staff of ASA level 2 qualified instructors who cover the Telford and Shrewsbury areas.


30. Tracy Ward

Tracy Ward developed a swimming pool on Lubards Farm, Rayleigh back in 2005. Purpose built with a depth of no more than 1.1 metres throughout the pool (no deep end to worry new swimmers), the 15 metres by 7 metres pool encourages tentative swimmers to learn while enjoying the warm 30 degree water.

There are lessons for children and adults, birthday parties in the pool, holiday swims, private lessons, and aqua aerobics (no impact damage on the knees!).

Some photos can also be arranged for people who want shots of themselves swimming underwater.


31. Kelly

Kelly runs Swimcentral, a child-focused swimming training company. Whilst Kelly has not swam competitively, she has experience of swimming for many years and credits this with helping her heal from a spinal injury.

Lessons are held in Bath by herself as an ASA qualified instructor.

There is a parent and child class for 2-4 year old kids (Swimtots), Learn to Swim (children 4+ years without parental support), beginner and improver lessons for adults, and private one-on-one swimming lessons available too.


32. Kathy Ford

Kathy Ford has been offering swimming lessons since 2005 near Norfolk.

Toddlers from just 4 months’ old right up to 80 year old enthusiastic beginners have gone through her training courses. Her instructors are ASA and/or STA qualified and have valid CRB checks.

Lessons are structured in a way that they are compatible with swim certificates and the awards that can be given by authorities for different levels of efficiency.

kathy ford

33. Jonathan Rolfe

Jonathan Rolfe is the co-owner and manager with a BA (Hons) in Leisure Management as his educational background.

The Oakley Park School of Swimming has been in existence for 40 years (1975) and was founded by Ron and Pam Rolfe. Swim instructors are STA qualified offering both swimming lessons and lifeguarding lessons.

The school is run out of three different swimming pools near Finchley, Mill Hill East Station, and Sterling Corner. Lessons can be purchased for babies, juniors, beginning adults, advanced adults, competitive swimming, and also for celebration parties.

jonathan rolfe

34. Sean Collins

Sean Collins is approved by the ASA to provide swimming lessons in accordance with their ASA National Plan which calls for a standardised method to swimming lessons.

Sean’s Swim School runs out of three swimming pools in two locations (Bodiam and St. Leonards-on-Sea).

The school teaches kids, parents and single adults to learn how to swim or to improve their swim technique in order to become more confident swimmers.

sean collins

35. Neil Thomson

Neil Thomson has over 25 years’ experience coaching swimming and as a general fitness trainer based around the North West of England

Both swimming and personal fitness lessons are offered in the Merseyside, Southport, Maghull, Kirkby, Halewood, and Liverpool areas.

Neil is an athlete himself having won 9 long distance swimming titles in open water, swam the 10 mile Lake Windermere stretch on many occasions, and takes part in championship teams in the British Modern Triathlon. Neil provides physical fitness, weight loss and stress reduction techniques taught in the home and during swimming lessons.

neil thomson

36. Kristin Maguire

Kristin Maguire has an ASA level 2 qualification and runs Individuality Swimming and Fitness in the Poole and Bournemouth area.

There are swimming classes for babies and parents, one-on-one, groups, and adults.

Babies as young as just 3 weeks old can be brought with their parents for their first experience of swimming in the pool. Individuality has more than 550 active swimmers each week who are taught by several instructors in Wimborne, Poole and Bournemouth, in Dorset.


37. Trish Hare

SwimKidz is a swim training programme for babies, toddlers and children. Babies from their earliest days can be taught how to swim at this specialised swimming programme.

Parents come along with their babies to join in the fun in a joint bonding experience.

The SwimKidz programme is now conducted in many pools across East Berkshire, West Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Glamorgan, Gwent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Bristol, and Hertfordshire.


38. Sue Summers

Sue Summers and the Westleigh Swim School are based in the West Leigh School in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

They teach a range of courses from parent & baby and pre-school toddlers to aquaerobics and an adult crash course at the large indoor heated swimming pool.

The qualified swim teacher also has 9 other qualified members of staff who help teach swimming techniques, swim confidence, and aerobics in the water.


39. Amelia Hooley

The Dorset Swim School has some kind of dual identity because whilst the web address is, the Southern Cygnet Swim School is what the business identifies with including its Facebook page.

Amelia Hooley, the founder of the Southern Cygnet Swim School, has a Sports Management qualification from the Staffordshire University. There are a handful of swim instructions and also an equal number of “swim helpers” to assist the classes.

There are “Duckling” lessons for 3 year olds and older, “Cygnets”, “Swans” (a more advanced class for young kids), an “Improvers”, a “Lengths”, and a lifeguarding course for pre-teens.

coach amelia

40. Andrew

Andrew and Rebecca were competitive swimmers who later branched out to offer the Turner Swim programme of classes based in the 5* Le Meridien Hotel Spa at Piccadilly Circus, Central London.

The ASA and STA approved instructors offer swimming programmes including water confidence, learn to swim, stroke improver, open water and triathlon, Olympic breaststroke, and the Pro clinic.

The lessons are aimed mostly at adults and particularly towards the strengths of the instructors with competitive race swimming.

Coach Andrew

41. Lisa Bousted

Lisa Bousted runs the Aquarius Swim School (formally BeBeSwimming) with only STA and ASA approved instructors.

She holds ASA and STA certifications. Beginning in 2006, the swim school has grown to over 20 teachers who give lessons to over 1,200 swimmers each week

There are children swim classes, adult swim classes, one-on-one swimming lessons, and school swimming lessons.


42. Pam Lester

The Bootham Swim School was founded in 1997 with the idea of ensuring that Quaker religious principals could be useful in the teaching of swimming.

The school has a number of ASA qualified swim instructors who teach children from the age of 5 and adults how to swim.

There are individual and group lesson plans available. The swim schools is run as a non-profit organisation with any proceeds being funnelled into the physical education department of the Bootham School in York.


43. Chris Cook

Chris Cook is a double Commonwealth Champion and brings this enthusiasm for the water into his SwimBuddies business venture.

The Swim Buddies Academy is aimed at teaching kids aged 3-11 years how to swim. There are seven stages of lessons which prioritise different skills in the water.

Usually lessons are conducted with small 5-6 groups of children. There is also a separate SwimFit lesson to improve swim skills beyond club level with Chris Cook. All swim instructors are ASA qualified. Lessons are conducted in the Darlington, County Durham area.

chris cook

44. Sharon and Paul Huby

Sharon and Paul have operated Aquanauts Swimming since 2013 offering swimming lessons in either Broughton or Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire.

Both Sharon and Paul each have 20 years of experience teaching children and adults how to swim.

Swimming lessons are taught by ASA qualified instructions and are all DBS checked. There are lessons for children as young as 3 years of age, and adults over 16.

sharon and paul

45. Fenella Ng

Fenella Ng, Anniemarie Munk, and Mike Tsu operate the Tritons Triathalon out of Hong Kong, China.

Each of the instructors has experience of competitive swimming and in some cases, running triathalons as well.

The IHP triathlon program is run from the Stanley Ho Sports Centre at the University of Hong Kong with regular swim squads.

Fenella Ng

46. Martin Hill

Martin Hill Coaching is based near Alicante in Mainland Spain. Martin is a Level 3 British Triathlon Federation Coach and fully certified in the Swim Smooth coaching program.

He and his staff of Swim Coach coaches offer swimming lessons, stroke improvement lessons through video analysis, Swim Smooth Squads, and triathlon and open water swimming too.

Personal fitness training is also available.


47. Russell Smith

Russell Smith and the Go Beyond Limits programme is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

They focus on endurance sports training for events like a triathlon, cycling, swimming, and running.

Their swimming training (including Swim Smooth) takes place at the Fastlane Fitness’s Pool in the centre of Hamilton. Russell himself won the 2012 Triathlon World Champion for his age group and the 2012 Asia-Pacific Ironman Champion for his age group.


48. Lance Ogren

Lance Ogren is a Swim Smooth coach in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

He offers personal swimming lessons using the Swim Smooth system in swimming pools around Charleston. One-on-one training and video analysis of swim stokes help to improve swimming techniques and performance times.

He also holds intensive 6-hour Swim Smooth clinics periodically which are restricted to only 8 participants.


49. Tracey Baumann

Tracey Baumann who previously swam competitively in Zimbabwe now runs SwimSolutions in Old Windsor, Berkshire.

Tracey is a Total Immersion Master Coach and regularly works with TI Founder Terry Laughlin and other TI Coaches in Europe and the USA.

Tracey teaches private lessons in her State of the Art Endless Pool Swim Studio in Berkshire with 4 video cameras on the swimmer at any one time and she also runs Seminars and Workshops all over the UK and Europe.

Tracey and SwimSolutionS offer lessons for all abilities; Tracey’s current clients include County Level Swimmers, Triathletes, Open Water Swimmers and Recreational Swimmers.

Tracey is also ASA Level 2 qualified.


50. Jo Evans

Jo Evans previously worked in the City but followed her passion for exercise and swimming to start her own business. Now based in Surrey she is an ASA swimming coach and an indoor cycling instructor.

She has her own studio for lessons in spinning, plus pilates and personal training. With swimming lessons, lessons involve step-by-step progression to help alleviate fears and improve swim strokes.

For water-based fitness routines, there is the option of interval training, arm drills, isolated leg drills, resistance and endurance training to work different muscle groups. Adults and children over 7 years of age can be training one-on-one or in small groups.


51. Gabriela Minarikova

Gabriela Minarikova Czech Republic Swimming Federation qualified highest level 1 Swimming Coach, Level 1 Health Swimming Coach and Swim Smooth certified swimming coach with Master degree in Physical Education and Sport. She is specialising in Junior and Masters Coaching, founding the world first Swim Smooth competitive club, Swim Smooth Czech Republic.

She is former national swimming medallist, she never stopped swimming and is still competing on international level in Masters Category being the 12th at FINA Masters World Championship in Kazan, 2015.

Gabriela is based in Prague and her focus is on children and adult pro swimmers to help them with technique, tactics and psychological preparation which is still overlooked in competitive swimming. If you, as coaches or as active swimmers, encountered a situation where a young swimmer stopped his favourite sport and never reached his full potential, then she can fix it and reverse that situation and help the swimmer to achieve his goals.

Her own Swimming school and club offer wide range of individual and group programs for any skill level swimmers, giving instructions in all 4 strokes and starts/turns as well as running suscefull camps and providing video analysis.


52. Nye Levett-

Nye is a very experienced swimming teacher and coach who runs his own swimming coaching and weight loss business in Exeter. He also works on the NHS Obesity service. Combining his Sports Science degree with over a decade of swimming coaching, his no-nonsense and patient approach has helped 1000’s of people swim better and lose weight, even those who had phobias of the water.

He has guided and coached open water swims since 2010 in several Mediterranean locations, even between islands. He has competed nationally and has swum a lot of open water, both swimming the Solent and winning the Dart 10k swim in 2013.

Nye Swimtrek

53. Dr. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS-

I’m John. I’m a physical therapist, swimmer, strength coach, and swimming researcher in Santa Clara, California.

I personally love the sport of swimming and started this website while receiving my doctorate at the University of Southern California (USC). At USC, I came across scientific articles on the sport of swimming which I found fascinating!

After finding these, I decided to start a blog and share them online. Since then, the website has expanded and now we have an amazing group of contributors from all over the world, which all have the love of swimming and wish to improve the swimming community!

350x358 John