Shahid Afridi stars as Pakistan crush Bangladesh by 55 runs


Pakistan won their opening match against Bangladesh by 55 runs today, Mohammad Hafeez and Ahmed Shehzad batted first in Kolkata and Pakistan built a total of 201-5. Shahid Afridi who is captain, added a late cameo of 49 from 19 balls whilst Bangladesh mustered only 146-6, Shahid and Mohammad Amir took two wickets apiece. Pakistan top Group 2 and win in their next match vs India on Saturday would take them a step towards the semi-finals.

Afridi entered this tournament with him questioning his ability to contribute in the shortest format, with only 17 runs and three wickets in his past six Twenty20 internationals.

Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza has said – “Two hundred is always difficult with Pakistan’s bowling attack and after six overs it was almost impossible. Shakib batted very well and we got 150, so its not that bad.

“We have to bowl better, we didn’t bowl well today. First six overs we couldn’t get much runs with the bat either. You can’t practice much, you have to be mentally strong.

“With [next opponents] Australia’s batting, it will be hard and Bangalore wicket will be flat. The bowling group must bring better plans.”

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said – “My performances play a key role, but I was hungry. I was keen to perform well for my country in this event. It’s a big event as captain, as senior player, I had to lead by example, I think from the last two or three series, the batsman struggled to find runs. Hafeez and Shehzad did very well.

“I don’t want to talk about the past, we should learn from our mistakes and India [who Pakistan play next] have been playing good cricket, even with the last loss. Captaincy is not an easy job, but when the team gives you 100%, I enjoy it.”

Pakistan face India in Kolkata on Saturday (14:00 GMT), while Bangladesh’s next game is against Australia in Bangalore on Monday (14:00 GMT).

Afghanistan defeats Hong Kong – ICC WT20!


Afghanistan played Hong Kong yesterday in the Twenty20, Afghanistan beat Hong Kong by 6 wickets and had their target of 117, now they just have to beat Zimbabwe then they will have a berth in the Super 10 tournament. The Match was played at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium and it was a Group B Match.

Mohammad Nabi is a right-handed batsman and off break bowler who plays for Afghanistan picked a four wicket haul which helped Afghan, this has now set up a clash with Zimbabwe.  After the Match, Mohammad stated – “I am very happy with my performance – my best figures in a World Cup, the pitch conditions were slow and I decided to use my variations.”

Afghanistan who beat Scotland are next playing a match against Zimbabwe, this will be a do or die for both Afghan and Zimbabwe. The winning team for this match qualifies for the tournament which starts properly on the 15th March.

Brief Scores for the Match

Hong Kong: 116 for 6 in 20 overs (Ryan Campbell 27, Anshuman Rath 28 not out; Mohammad Nabi 4/20).

Afghanistan: 119 for 4 in 18 overs (Mohammad Shahzad 41, Noor Ali Zadran 32; Ryan Campbell 2/28).

7 Simple Workouts


We all want that little bit of extra push to do a few more exercises, and we do not need all the fancy gym equipment to do so, even if we are too tired for the Gym, there is always home workouts to do to make you feel better about yourself.  Here is a list of simple workouts, most of these you can do at home.

  1. Jumping rope, this is a brilliant exercise to get your heart rate going and this burns a lot of calories as well as a cheap work out! You can buy skipping ropes from our store.
  1. Squats, you do not need to purchase any equipment for this exercise, you can do this as often and as little as you want. Squats build muscle in your entire body, burns fat and gives you strong legs.
  1. Push ups, all you need is a soft floor Mat which you can purchase from our store also, push ups are a well known exercise and great for your stomach, they also build muscle in the arms, chest and shoulders.
  1. Lunges, this is also a easy enough to do exercise, lunges help your Glutes increases your hip flexibility, whilst doing lunges keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and your chin up.
  1. Squat jumping, usual squats are beneficial however squat jumping is more beneficial, they get your heart rate going and burn most calories. Start by doing a usual squat and jump up and let your body go back into the squat position.
  1. Front planking, this is a more harder exercise but your abs will love you for it. Performing the plank exercise will give you a toned stomach and improve your balance and posture, as well as give you flexibility.
  1. If it’s a nice day outside, you can go for a jog/walk, the benefits of this is an all over body workout, strengthens muscles and maintains a healthy body weight.

10 Benefits of Learning to Swim Early


Teaching your children how to swim at an early age is always a little difficult, however once they are in the water with their favourite pool toys and the colourful floats they will grow. Not only is it a fun activity for children it is also a plus side for health and safety.

1. Swimming from an early age teaches drowning safety, learning to get to the side, hold on, get out and/or swim could save your child’s life one day or even they can save somebody else’s life.

2. Swimming from birth improves mental and physical health, each swimming lessons strengthen their muscles and lungs and also helps the development of the brain.

3. Swimming with your baby will help the bond between you both, your baby will need to trust you enough to let you help them in the pool, the trust needs to be strong. You can also focus on one another without any distractions.

4. Swimming will boost their confidence, swimming from a young age will make the child have no fear of water.

5. Being in the water will boost coordination and balance Norwegian University of Science & Technology found that babies who swim have better balance and can grasp objects more easily.

6. Buoyancy and water-resistance will build a baby’s strength, they will exercise more muscles efficiently.

7. Responding to repetitive voice commands can level their understanding skills.

8. It enhances their wellbeing, warm water relaxes your baby and swimming increases their appetite.

9. Swimming provides structure, with weekly activities for fun and play.

10. Swimming regularly with your child will also keep yourself fit.

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20 Best Fast Bowlers of the 21st Century

Cricket is the game of gentlemen but, sometimes, it gets nasty. Most of this nasty business occurs when real fast bowlers come to bowl their lethal deliveries to bewildered batsmen. The crowd cheers in anticipation of the fury that’s about to be unleashed on the twenty-one yards.

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The game of cricket has produced numerous fast bowling super-stars, each of them has a unique star-shine, their own scare-tactics and what not. But, there are some names that stand out to represent the era that was dominated by them. They instilled fear into the cold veins of every batsman facing them and single-handedly change the course of the entire match time and again.

We’ve assimilated a list of top twenty best fast bowlers of the twenty-first century along with their outstanding career stats. Furthermore, it may already be cautioned that if you see your favorite bowler beneath someone you don’t rank so high, don’t get all offended because all of them are superstars and this list is just an opinion.

This list has only considered those bowlers who have had at least 50 ODIs under their belt, and who have played in any form of international cricket since 1st January 2000.

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